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This section highlights some of the different services and products that I offer. If there are any additional services that you are interested in, please contact me below with inquiries.

Web Developer

I have experience creating fully responsive and professional looking websites that look great on all screen sizes, from mobile to PC. I am proficient at using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to produce visually stunning landing pages and content to draw traffic to your website and keep users engaged.

Database Administrator

I have experience as a Database Administrator, able to create a database using one of several technologies (SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB). I can pair the database with a front-end interface to provide functionality as a customer management system or as an inventory management system.

Software Engineer

I have expert level experience creating stand-alone applications and mobile applications using a variety of programming languages, including Python, Java, C# and C++.

Search Engine Optimization

I excel at optimizing your web content to provide the highest search engine results possible. Having your site optimized for search engines will help to draw traffic to your website and can increase user interaction.

Recent Projects

Responsive Weather App

Mobile responsive weather application that allows the user to find the current weather and six day forecast for their current location. The user is able to search for other locations based on City, State, Country or ZIP code. The user can save a location as their home location, load their home location and change the measurement units from imperial to metric.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

This Mortgage Loan Calculator allows the user to input data to get an estimate and breakdown of mortgage payment information.

Book Keeper

Book keeper is an application that lets the user keep track of their favorite authors and information about the books they read. The user can enter the title, publish date, number of pages and a synopsis of the book.

Restaurant Landing Page

This project is a mock up of a landing page for the Tasty Burger franchise. The landing page links to the live pages for Tasty Burger. This site was built with HTML and CSS.


About Me

Software Developer

I am a professional software developer with several years experience in creating quality desktop and mobile applications, as well as full stack web applications with database capabilities.

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